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Don't see the point in anything anymore

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Dineoutone Fri 24-Feb-17 00:23:03

I'm single, have been for a while, happily so. Having dated lots, I have given up on finding someone. I don't care anymore. I hate working full time and feel a failure for saying that. But I would do anything to be part time or a sahm. I hate my life and the stress of my career, it's all too much. How do I escape this. I have a mortgage and I'm in a profession, so it's hard to get a random job.

JoJoSM2 Fri 24-Feb-17 00:26:17

Running a house and looking after children could be stressful too, you know. Could you go part time in your current profession?

Dineoutone Fri 24-Feb-17 00:29:21

It feels so meaningless though right now. I wouldn't mind the stress if I felt it was important and meaningful. I'm just in a highly regarded profession that has no sense of being rewarding. I resent it. I don't know if I could go part time.

Gupzilovespeanut27 Fri 24-Feb-17 00:29:26

Change it up a bit. Maybe train in something else?? Don't be stuck in a job that's making you stressed. Maybe take sometime out and be a sahm just while you figure out what you want. A happy mummy means happy children 😊😊😊

Dineoutone Fri 24-Feb-17 00:36:08

I'm single with no kids, so sahm isn't an option. I could re train but I don't think I have the money to do it. I feel trapped.

Gupzilovespeanut27 Fri 24-Feb-17 00:47:40

Sorry I misunderstood your post I thought you said you wanted to be a sahm. Sorry about that. Being single is sometimes a brilliant thing especially when your not feeling happy or stressed. Plenty of time for yourself to concentrate on what makes you happy. Maybe you don't need another job, maybe you need a hobby? Something to do for you to find inner happiness atm. As soon as you find happiness in yourself you will notice work will seem slightly easier and you may even meet someone. If that's what you wanted of course. But tbh your literally at the best stage atm. The only responsibility you have is making sure you don't lose your home. Find something that makes you happy and go from there. As silly as it sounds...

WhiteCaribou Fri 24-Feb-17 00:48:32

There's usually a way of you really want to do something. Do you want to retrain? Is there a job you'd love to do which would feel meaningful for you even if it's not the best paying job? You're a single woman in a profession - unless you're mortgaged to the hilt I guess (although obviously don't know your circs and could be wrong) that with a little careful planning and maybe a bit of belt tightening you could start saving to retrain. It might take a while but the. Your job would be meaningful - it would be a means to getting your life on the track you want. Depending on how determined you are you could even sell your house if there's any equity. I'm not necessarily recommending that but it's possible if you really have a dream you want to follow. Or use your job to facilitate travelling - you can make that meaningful by going on trips that combine with some kind of ecological work (my daughter did one to Belize helping with logging turtle numbers and protecting the reefs from lionfish for example)

Are any of your skills/qualifications transferable to something more rewarding like working in the charity sector?

Spend some time deciding what you would ideally like to do, what would make your life feel rewarding/useful and then maybe with a bit of creative thinking you can work out a way to get there. As a single woman with no ties (I'm assuming) you seem ideally placed to make any changes you want.

mamakena Fri 24-Feb-17 03:32:37

Read Mr Money Mustache. Many people who feel tired of working full-time find that by aggressively saving & cutting expenses, paying off debt, they can go part time or retire early or switch to a lower paying but more fulfilling career.

I took 2 years off after severe burnout because I was in a financial position to do so. Now I'm back working with new goals and more energy.

Ineke Fri 24-Feb-17 03:44:51

Take a sabbatical and rethink life choices. Or, do an evening class or OU course. If mortgage is a problem, rent out a room, or if you want to be a sahm then perhaps look into fostering, single mums are welcome and many children crying out for fostering and it is very rewarding.

user1471451259 Fri 24-Feb-17 04:21:26

Single and no kids? The world is your oyster! Rent your house out to cover the mortgage and take 2 years out. If you're under 30 (I thibk) you can get a working holiday visa in countries like Australia or Canada. Do a TEFL course and then teach English in somewhere. As you are a professional your skills may be ideal working with the VSO. A friend of mine was a ward sister and went to help set up a hospital in Africa. Go for it, the only thing stopping you isyourself. I am honestly envious of you.

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