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user1485471386 Thu 23-Feb-17 16:11:08

Hey ladies smile

A few weeks ago Dh had a problem getting an erection sad it was a really difficult time for both of us, but I finally managed to get him to go to the doctor wink doctor gave him some tablets blah blah...anyway that same night he got really in the mood and just .. Well...we did it without needing the tablet grin.
Well since then erections have been no problem. HOWEVER now he keeps ejaculating during foreplay. sad the tablets won't stop this problem by the way. It's really difficult because once he ejaculates he can't get hard again (plus it's too late to take the tablet then because we have to get up early etc..for work. We have kids so bedtime is the only time we can do it) I know I shouldn't but I feel really annoyed with him and hurt. I'm so frustrated. I think to myself why can't you hold it?? Which is wrong I know sad I want to love him so much and certainly don't want to leave him over it. I just want sex without there being Any problems (this happens on and off for over a year now) I'm guessing I'm asking have any if you ladies ever been through this?? Also, how did you cope?

HarmlessChap Thu 23-Feb-17 16:36:07

What pills? If they are Viagra (generic name sildenafil) then he could try taking one an hour before as they will reduce sensitivity a bit which might help and even if it doesn't he would probably be ready to have another go sooner.

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