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Any advise about bullying and moving after separation....

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princesscake Sun 19-Feb-17 12:00:51

I'm going to try and shorten my post as much as possible....
Separated can't afford divorce. Still in family home mortgage is 700 month. Student nurse. No money left over. House is falling apart now have mould as need new windows but it's clean and all we know (have 2dd's)
Rent is more expensive in this area.
A number of things have happened over the years emotionaly and financialy so my plan is to move when qualify. Too many bad memories and not too nice a place to live for me but the girls go to school here.
Now my eldest is being bullied. She is struggling. It's been heartbreaking.
I just want to up and move now but it means moving in with my mum until I get a house via housing association. That means walking away from a mortgage.
What do I do?

jeaux90 Sun 19-Feb-17 12:11:47

When things are complicated like your situation you follow the path that will give you the least stress and keep you and the dc happiest is my advice.

I've been in a terrible situation and I kept things real simple and focussed on my kid and my career and got the support I needed from my family and friends xx

SerenityMom Sun 19-Feb-17 12:14:18

what are your daughters feelings about it? Is she old enough to have thoughts on it ( teenager?)? What about meeting with an estate agent to see what they think you could get for it in it's condition? Not sure why moving out means walking away from the mortgage. Could you not sell or rent it?

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