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So much negativity....

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ivechangedmyname123 Sat 18-Feb-17 23:26:44

I know, I know!! Mumsnet is a place to moan and rant and I absolutely love that!! However, after reading about how crappy some men and women partners can be, I've really become to realize how lovely my DH is!! I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread about all the lovely things about our husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends!!

Lots of things about DH are lovely but my absolute Favourite is that he is so laid back! I suffer anxiety and can be horrid to live with at times but one flash of his gorgeous smile and I melt! We argue sometimes but when I'm being silly he will just smile and I can't help smiling back!

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Sun 19-Feb-17 21:04:13

I am feeling under the weather... it's 9pm and DP just made me hotdogs (mmm lips and arseholes!) and stuck a film on.

He is a PITA sometimes but has wee moments of brilliance!

strugglingstepdad Sun 19-Feb-17 21:09:13

Oh god, on the spot now!

I suppose I like the way I get in from work and am almost forced into eating before I've sat down lol.

Btw I get in from work late at night smile

Moanyoldcow Sun 19-Feb-17 21:12:35

Omg! I wanted to start this thread but worried I'd seem smug blush

My DH is extremely kind and generous and thougful and big and little ways.

He did the weekly shop today and bought be two magazines to read in the bath later.

He let me sleep until 11.30 today and looked after DS until I was up. He does this most weekends.

He offered to help out my sister with a monthly amount of money because she's going through a tough time.

He isn't perfect but he really is lovely and I feel lucky to have him.

strugglingstepdad Sun 19-Feb-17 21:14:31

Spose I'd better add that she's funny sometimes too lol

Like now when she's just read the thread here and moaned at me that the first thing I could think of involved food!! Lol

Nomoreworkathome Sun 19-Feb-17 21:14:57

Same here OP. I have serious anxiety and depression and my DH goes with the flow. No pressure. I got ready to go food shopping with him the other day and when it came to it I couldn't leave the house. He just said give me a list and I'll go. No hassle.

He can be a monumental PITA at times though hmm

minion246 Sun 19-Feb-17 21:17:19

How my dp makes me laugh even when we are arguing. He has the most amazing smile and his eyes light up. When he holds me it makes all the pain and thoughts disappear and when he kisses me I feel like I'm the only woman on this planet!! smile

ivechangedmyname123 Mon 20-Feb-17 18:43:59

I wasn't trying to be smug...

I just think it's more acceptable to talk about our partners failings than to big them up...

Oh well off to eat my homemade lasagne that DH has lovingly prepared for me after a tough day at work wink

Holly3434 Mon 20-Feb-17 18:56:16

Why can't I find a good man like everyone here? They say it'll happen I think I have found them believe their nice words, their actions feel loved then bang they change into making me feel like shit. The nicest thing was probably someone buying me flowers lol

ivechangedmyname123 Mon 20-Feb-17 18:58:22

Aww how old are you? Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs as they say! And I kissed hundreds before I met DH. flowers

Holly3434 Mon 20-Feb-17 19:01:44

I'm 33,I attract the frogs

ivechangedmyname123 Mon 20-Feb-17 19:24:35

Plenty of time!! Best advice is to set your sights higher, join a group, go to interesting places, don't just settle for the first one that gives the attention! I set my standards really high, took ages but oh my god he is worth the wait!! Good luck 🍀

Moanyoldcow Mon 20-Feb-17 20:35:09

ivechanged I don't think you're smug! Sorry - that's really not what I meant at all - I was worried people might think I was but I don't see it like that at all!

ivechangedmyname123 Mon 20-Feb-17 20:36:46

Oh I know!! It was just an observation and my reason for posting!! It's nice to be nice, especially about the person you choose to spend your life with flowers

heebiejeebie Mon 20-Feb-17 20:40:04

My DH really takes the piss out of smug twats smile

Moanyoldcow Mon 20-Feb-17 20:41:48

I agree - I feel very fortunate to have such a great husband.

He's currently bathing DS after cooking me dinner. I'm doing this!

LazySusan11 Mon 20-Feb-17 21:06:47

I am really grateful for my husband and without wanting to be a Debbie downer he stayed by my side during my mums last few days, I didn't want to be with her when she died it was so painful. Whenever I stepped out of her room he stayed and watched her. I was just going back in to her room but it was my dh who with her when she took her last breath.

He was so calm and although he is lovely in so many ways he has been nothing short of amazing. It's been 3 weeks since mum died and he hasn't faltered once in the support he's given me. I will never forget the kindness and the complete and total love he has given. He's also very funny which helps smile

Kikikaakaa Mon 20-Feb-17 21:18:18

I recently kind of complained about mine on here. but just today he told me he had been worrying about me being worried about something (unrelated to our relationship) and he has gone out of his way to make sure I know he's being supportive and doesn't like to think about me stressed out. It's just a kind thing.

Also when I had a medical problem and it caused me pain and anxiety he was amazing

NooNooMummy Tue 21-Feb-17 11:03:08

What a lovely thread.
Now I just need to find a man like this for me #unicorn

cowbag1 Tue 21-Feb-17 11:14:27

My dh is the most irritating man on the planet but I wouldn't be without him.

He comes home every night from his stressful job and gets stuck in with the dcs bedtime routine and then cooks dinner. He gives me a lie in Saturday and Sunday and will take the dcs out if I need him to.

He always puts us first and is really considerate when arranging things for himself so that it doesn't impact us too much.

He would spend his last penny on us and would do anything to help out family and friends.

Now if he would only stop leaving all the cupboard doors open and his dirty socks all over the house, he would be perfect grin

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