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How much did you push ex to see kids?

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Lifeisabloodysoap Fri 17-Feb-17 22:25:40

Hi everyone just wondering so ex hasn't Seen ds, dd for a year now this was him not sticking to contact arrangements. He's parents have seen the kids maybe once or twice in that time.

His mum has now asked me to "allow" him back in the kids life's. I had never stopped him I just wanted it to be scheduled so we both knew what we were doing with our life's. I went to a lawyer got it all drawn up. 3 days 1 overnight he said that I couldn't expect him to drive 5 mins to my parents house to get ds 3 days a week so reduced it to one over night. He would show up hours late for ds. Dd at the time was 3 weeks old and I was breastfeeding so to baby over to his parents to allow him time to bond. Then when baby was 4 weeks old he demanded I let him take both kids. (The 2 times he had seen dd he was sleeping on the couch holding her and ignored ds if it wasn't for nana I would be worried about the care of the kids)

I have said that due to him not being around either of the kids for a year it would need to be in a mutual ground I.e the family home or soft play till he bonds with the kids again but he has said no. How much would you push ex to see kids? Am I wrong for not letting him take them both without bonding?

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