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Gah dick head ex

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TeenageCentaurMortificado Fri 17-Feb-17 20:26:39

I'm just venting. Dick head lying cheating emotionally abusive mentally ill (genuinely) ex has just text me.

We split Xmas 2015. I've had zilch, zero contact with the wankbadger since.

Why ffs. Poor him, woah is him. Over a year later he's hoping to prod me into forgiveness. Twat twat twat.

I'm home alone with my DS so needed to vent somewhere silently lol.

Needless to say I haven't replied.

God who does that?????? Nob. Head.

Oh and before anyone says block him. I've only kept his number due to his aforementioned mental illness and his propensity to get roaring drunk and do something stupid... like drive over to my house! At least this way I get a forwarning. Before I even read the text I jumped up and put the deadlock on!

TeenageCentaurMortificado Fri 17-Feb-17 20:29:56

Ah ffs. Another. Drunk then 😩

BlackeyedSusan Fri 17-Feb-17 23:24:22

rant away!

Imbroglio Fri 17-Feb-17 23:29:31

Totally get you. Fucker.

He's just firing off texts though. I bet he's texting other people as well in the hope of a response.

He'll get more joy from dominoes pizza.

TeenageCentaurMortificado Fri 17-Feb-17 23:40:00

Lmao. I was also thinking he's sending the same to others just after a response.

I fell for these stupid words and games many times in the past. Not this time.

Dead lock is firmly on and phone switched to silent. Have dealt with many all nighters of phone constantly buzzing with calls, texts, emails, skypes etc!

Hopefully he is now passed out safely and I don't hear a peep.

redexpat Fri 17-Feb-17 23:40:40

He is texting everyone in his contacts to find someone to leech onto. Have you changed his contact in your phone to sometging amusing like wankbadger?

redexpat Fri 17-Feb-17 23:41:13

X post! Good move.

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