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How do you get to know someone!

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12debs Fri 17-Feb-17 12:08:52

So this may sound utterly ridiculous.. But ive just come out of a long term relationship.. And Ive forgotten how to talk to people!
Brains also gone to mush by having kids !
So not when im out and about i often say something stupid or stumble in my words!

Ive recently met a man i like.. Hes young childlessand single and i cant help but think he wouldnt be interested in a single mum. But i want to at least get to know him better.. Where do i start!!!?

So far weve only said a few sentences, he knows i have kids so dont have to approach that one but how do i show interest without looking stupid

I want to ask him to go for a drink or something but think we should at least talk to eachother a bit more first!!??

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