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If you are separated/ divorced with young children and met someone else, where did you meet them?

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AntiaGin Thu 16-Feb-17 23:10:05

I have 3 young children, under 7. I've been out on a few dates irl and online but haven't got past a first date with any of them. I have very little free time which I understand is off putting. So tell me your stories of where/ how you met lovely new partners after divorce and give me hope!

Witchofthenorth Fri 17-Feb-17 08:43:17

After a fair few horrors, I met mine online. I however, know him from many years ago when we were in our late teens. Both really liked each other, had a few snogs back in the day but nothing ever came of it.
I had gone on to match and saw him and gave him a "how the bloody hell are you, its been 20 years!" message and we havent looked back.
A week later, he took me out for dinner and it was wonderful.

I had been separated for 3 years by the time this happened though and had pretty much given up on finding someone who would treat me the way I knew I deserved.

Play the patience game OP, know what you want and dont move your goalposts because you want someone. I did and ended up in a terrible very abusive situation.

AntiaGin Fri 17-Feb-17 22:55:37

Thanks. It's coming up to 3 years now for me, so fingers crossed!

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