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Kittyp75 Thu 16-Feb-17 12:42:11

Need some advice. I am planning on getting legal advice also.
Partner who I've been with for many years has a drug problem. We have a mortgage together and also an 18 month old.
Where do I stand on making him leave, can I do this and change the locks or would I be breaking the law.
Should I tell S/S and get there help. He is not abusive but I don't want him around anymore.

FannyWisdom Thu 16-Feb-17 12:46:59

Is he violent or abusive at all?

Kittyp75 Thu 16-Feb-17 13:20:56

No neither, which makes me think he has a legal right to the house and I'm basically stuck. I could move out but I wouldn't be able to pay half the mortgage and we would default and it would be repossessed.
I need to consider all options

BrownEyedLady Fri 17-Feb-17 14:15:23

Is there anywhere you can go for a month or so whilst it gets sorted? Parents?

hellsbellsmelons Fri 17-Feb-17 14:41:37

If he is on the mortgage you can't actually 'make' him leave or change the locks.
Yes that would be illegal.
Get legal advice.
Could you go somewhere short term to just away and get your head clear?

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