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To cut contact with my siblings

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80sbabyz Wed 15-Feb-17 23:41:11

I've had it up to here with two of my siblings. This abuse has gone on for too long now, we are in our 30s. I'm 31, sister 35 and brother 37 and other siblings older. My 35 year old sister has always bullied me as a child and even sexually abused me. Then over the years its been verbal and mental abuse, she goes out of her way to constantly tell lies about me, manages to turn others against me and is always making indirect comments, making my life miserable. She is absolutely horrible to me for no reason, throughout the years I've tried to help her as she refuses to work yet always claims she wants a job and if she does get one is fired within the first week for not turing up after the first day - I'm being honest and she expects to have things without working for them. She never sticks to /completes anything yet is horrible to me for finishing University (i heard she went around saying i didnt finish just because i didnt attend my graduation for personal reasons). This is just one of the nasty things she has said about me.

She makes our entire family's life hell but I'm always the main target for some reason. She even smashed up our mums house once - i personally believes she has MH illness. Now my 37yr brother is the only family member who will listen to her and enjoys drama so will come back and say stuff she's said but in a smart-ass way to get a reaction. I've ignored what has been said for years and have even told them both off but it makes no difference. I've even tried to commit suicide before over my sisters behaviour towards me.

Well I've decided enough is enough I'm not putting up with this anymore and will cut contact with these two. I'm going to change my number and not even give the new one to my mum (as they both live at home and my sister goes through mums phone, reading our group messages etc. She is horrible just because i pay my rent and didn't get evicted like my she did from two properties). Two of our other siblings don't have much to do with either of them and they don't have their numbers. Mum and our eldest sister (40s) can have my landline number, I'll also have to not give my nieces and nephews my new number too. I'm just fed up and i actually hardly visit my mums house due to trying to avoid/limit contact with them. I refused to let anyone make my life miserable anymore, I've been through so much already regarding my ex in the past and I'm fed up of others hurting me. I wish i could just move away outside of London. In fact i think i may look into it. Too bad its difficult to move overseas.

What do you think? Have you ever cut contact with some siblings but remained with others? How did it work out for you?

onemorecupofcoffeefortheroad Wed 15-Feb-17 23:55:46

I haven't but, from what you've said, you should. Your sister sounds toxic

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