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On Valentine's Day Eve....

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lemonzest123 Mon 13-Feb-17 22:07:56

Would anyone else care to indulge in reminding themselves what they most HATED about their ex?

I'll start:

Because he thought I was a complete philistine, he'd start sentences with:
"I know you have no interest in art, but..."
"I know you have no interest in politics, but..."

Cue 20 minute lecture on his opinions about things.hmm

I'm not disinterested, I just couldn't get a bloody word in edgeways!

RoundTheBend Mon 13-Feb-17 22:19:57

No point asking your Mother as she has no idea (i.e. I was as thick as shit).
Cue massive outburst from me, telling them ALL the bloody answers. My DD looked at me amazed and said "OMG, I never had any idea Mum". She is still her father's daughter though. hmm

From a man who always thought he was cleverer than me and bullied me and belittled me. And me, even with 2 children, still went on to study 2 evenings a week for 3 years to get a professional qualification and letters after my name.

I am a bit emotional tonight so my written English is probably not my best effort. Honest Guv, I is intelligent. grin

lemonzest123 Mon 13-Feb-17 22:46:04

Urgh hate that. Nearly all my ex's have gone out of their way to exhibit how much cleverer they are than me!

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