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how would you interpret this convo?

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howarddonaldslithp Sun 12-Feb-17 20:12:38

NC for this post.

So this evening, conversation goes like this..

DH - I need to get to the doctors this week for repeat prescription.

Me - will you go one morning (knowing he's on lates this week)?

DH - no, I'll be late!

ME - How come?

DH - what? Walk all the way into (place) and back and then catch the bus to work?

So, how does his last remark come across to you? I'll explain why I'm asking once I've got your opinions as I don't want to led you in a particular direction!

Somehowsomewhere Sun 12-Feb-17 20:13:44

Wouldn't think anything of it. His time to organise how he sees fit.

AnyFucker Sun 12-Feb-17 20:15:19

You have been that vague, I don't understand the context

SerenadeOfTheSchoolRun Sun 12-Feb-17 20:15:40

Maybe he is implying that you should offer to go? Or drive him? Or saying that he can't get it this week even though he ought to. What do you think?

pigeondujour Sun 12-Feb-17 20:15:44

Totally innocuous. I have no idea what you're getting at.

ChuckSnowballs Sun 12-Feb-17 20:16:15

Can he not go from doctors to bus stop directly?

MojitoMollie Sun 12-Feb-17 20:16:43

Not a clue, but can he get a bus from (place) to work?

pinkandstripey Sun 12-Feb-17 20:17:11

I'd assume he would organise himself to go another time.

Notagain2017 Sun 12-Feb-17 20:17:14

Yes assume he is hinting for you to go?

MadMags Sun 12-Feb-17 20:18:16


howarddonaldslithp Sun 12-Feb-17 20:18:38

Ahhh ok, so, I interpret it like he's speaking to me like Im stupid! However, that is a massive trigger point for me so wanted to get some perspective to see if it's my issue or if he is a condescending twunt!

BoobleMcB Sun 12-Feb-17 20:18:58

I don't see an issue from whats there either. Then it's hard without all of the information.

It reads like the doctors/chemist (whatever place is) is quite far away and he doesn't drive/have access to a car so wouldn't be able to get there and back in time to get the right bus to work?

When is he planning on going to get his prescription? Or does he want you to get it for him? Or want you to take him to get it?

ArchNotImpudent Sun 12-Feb-17 20:21:27

Seems odd that he would need to go back home rather than straight to work. I agree it sounds like a hint for you to go, or give him a lift if applicable.

RaisinsAndApple Sun 12-Feb-17 20:21:29

Very much depends on tone of voice. The words themselves are innocuous but could easily be said in a way that was not. But obv no one can advise on that.

Somehowsomewhere Sun 12-Feb-17 20:24:57

On the face of it, you're being over sensitive. However it completely depends on your history and how it was said. Not sure anyone here can make a proper judgement on it, with the example given.

Pallisers Sun 12-Feb-17 20:26:00

entirely depends on the tone and intent.

howarddonaldslithp Sun 12-Feb-17 20:27:09

I'll get it for him on Wednesday cos he really needs his tablets. TBH it's just the way it was said, but yeah, appreciate I can't get that across on here.

Notagain2017 Sun 12-Feb-17 20:27:59

If he said it in an exasperated way, tutting and rolling his eyes then yes he could be being condescending. But at face value just in what you have written, I wouldn't read anything into it.

howarddonaldslithp Sun 12-Feb-17 20:33:12

Probably a bit of both. My trigger + his belief that everyone else is wrong and he is always right!

howarddonaldslithp Sun 12-Feb-17 20:35:14

I see the 'what? ...... and then ......?' I've added in my head 'are you stupid?' At the end of the sentence..... like I said, bit of both I reckon!

ChuckSnowballs Sun 12-Feb-17 20:35:16

So the result is that you get them for him?

Seriously, surely he is able to get himself to the doctors and get his own prescription? What would happen if you couldn't get there?

howarddonaldslithp Sun 12-Feb-17 20:40:20

Well another bloody trigger there or me sense of responsibility. I just always bloody slip into that role but really he should effing get them himself! angry

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