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Should I tell?

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user1486913408 Sun 12-Feb-17 15:47:43

Hi All
This is my first post and I could do with some advice.
Last night a group of friends went out. One of the guys and I went to get some cash at one point in the night. By the time we had come back everyone else had left. He said let's go back to one of our friends house for an after party. He tried to kiss me in the taxi and I did back for a second before I said no I have a boyfriend. On the way we found out the after party wasn't happening.
He said come to mine it is round the corner and I will drop you back (he does not drink). Anyways I told him clearly I would not do anything he said yes I know let's sit and talk. We did sit and talk and nothing happend it was more like killing time, but we sat and talked for ages. He took me back.
Today even though nothing happened I feel so guilty for going home with him I really hate myself today. I really made a mistake doing that I was a bit drunk and didn't think clearly about how it looked even though I knew I wouldn't do anything. My boyfriend is kind, caring and considerate and I am in bits that I did it!
Should I tell?
Did I cheat?
How would you feel if your partner told you that?

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