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Feeling low about an ex

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alazuli Sat 11-Feb-17 21:09:35

Found out today that my ex has moved to Australia with his wife. It's not that I want him back - even when I was with him I felt something was missing - but I feel like he has the life I would like. Travelling a lot, living abroad by the sea etc.

Also he was last man I loved and I thought by now 5 years on I would have found someone else to love but I'm not even close. Meanwhile, he found someone pretty much straight away and married her.

Anyway, can I get some inspirational stories from people who have gone on to find someone better please? I can't believe he's the only man I'm going love in my life. I've been very patient so far but hurry up the next one!

alazuli Mon 13-Feb-17 00:22:49

anyone? smile

Mrspotatohead18 Mon 13-Feb-17 00:30:44

I can't give you an inspirational story as I don't have one, I just wanted to say I felt the same when I broke off my LTR 2 years ago. I don't want him back, he was my first love and will always be special. But I found out he had a girlfriend pretty quickly afterwards, and he's a few years older than me and will be keen to settle. I know the babies/moving In together is inevitable. And I know it's going to kill me even though I don't want him myself!

It's shit OP. Try to do things that make you happy. Can't you go and travel yourself?

frogsgoladidahdidah Mon 13-Feb-17 00:37:06

If you are unhappy about your life, change it. It really is as simple/complicated as you allow it to be.

You only get one life...

alazuli Mon 13-Feb-17 00:44:41

Mrspotatohead18 - I have also been travelling myself but I would love to do more and with someone special! Although I remember when I used to go on holiday with this ex, he would annoy me so much after a while, ha.

frogs - you're right except mine is quite complicated atm. My mum died, my reaction to that was to buy a house I didn't even really want only to realise I'd rather go travelling for 6 months. Will just have to wait for the fix to end I guess! I guess I'm just feeling a bit low in general.

Happybunny19 Mon 13-Feb-17 12:08:19

Rent your house out and use the profit to fund travelling again. Just because you've bought a house doesn't mean you have to feel stuck living in it. And stop checking what your ex is doing, it's not helping your low mood.

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