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jaicomp Sat 11-Feb-17 01:04:41


Man here.

Just wondering if someone can advise me your thoughts on this.

I slept with this girl at work (she is from a different site) few months ago. We texted a few times on a frequent basis after.
I sought of liked this girl a bit and we just generally chit chat about work on text.

Tonight I texted her with a opening message "I miss you and wish you were with me". I don''t think this message went down well with her.
Her response was "are you drunk" I said along the side of no (even though I was) and continued to say how pretty she was, She carried on trying to find the meaning for this message. She said "what difference would it make if I was there with you"

In the end I asked her "you aren't upset with me are you" and she replied "its not on that I switched from being a colleague with evening message saying I am pretty".

I replied saying "apologies and I accept what I said was not right. It won't happen again".

Have I really screwed up my relationship with her as a colleague and generally my reputation at work? how do you think this will affect me?

I deleted her number straightaway just to make sure I don't say anything to her outside work (stupid or otherwise) in future.


SleepingTiger Sat 11-Feb-17 01:16:26

You have a communication problem.

Once you had sex and physical interaction. So much could and should have taken place that single night, so many months ago.

Now you are trying to relate by electronic communication. Can you see how crazy this sounds.

Ring her, and ask to see her. For a walk or a coffee. Wean off those devices if you want to experience a real relationship.

Ellisandra Sat 11-Feb-17 08:59:28

I'd have read your message as a booty call and been equally dismissive of you. As you say - you were drunk, and she clearly picked up on that.

A guy you slept with once and only talked work with since, sends you drunken messages saying you're pretty out of the blue... it's not flattering, it's annoying.

Sounds like you don't see each other at work much. I doubt she'll say anything to your colleagues so it won't affect you at all. You also sounds very young so even if she says "ugh, drunken come on from him last night" people will just laugh and forget it the next day.

Next time: don't drink and text!

Cricrichan Sat 11-Feb-17 09:45:42

Do you like her enough to start dating her? What have her responses to your texts been like?

In my opinion, you slept together and then I presume that even though you messaged her you haven't asked her out since then. So out of the blue she gets this text and thinks you're only saying things like that because you're drunk. That's why she's annoyed.

However, if you're interested in her, then ask her out and take it from there. If you're not interested, but like her as a friend, then keep texts purely friendly.

TheNaze73 Sat 11-Feb-17 10:12:32

I'd just leave it. I don't think either of you seem overly interested. Move on

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