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Andywho Wed 08-Feb-17 10:02:50

I have been with my GF for nearly 4 years, we don't live together (there 3-5 nights a week) and she does not wish to her being relatively wealthy, house paid good divorce settlement 1/2 his substantial pension. I have my own business and am comfortable.

Question throughout our relationship she has always out the blue dumped me on a 6 monthly cycle. It starts with a few criticisms or if I buy new clothes is that for the other woman to being dumped out of the blue usually by txt. This has caused massive jolts, I have a good relationship with her children especially her youngest daughter who is a similar age to my own and I miss her and my partner. A friend of mine who is being badly abused by her ex (a real low life of us males) suggests this is an abusive relationship? I normally do the running lets talk focus on the many plus points to our relationship and we get back together, this time I am applying a no contact approach and deleting her from my life. I love her but feel her behaviour is unacceptable. Thoughts please....

hellsbellsmelons Wed 08-Feb-17 10:08:14

That's a horrible thing for her to do.
Really cruel.
But until now it's kept you on your toes now hasn't it!??

Does she explain why she does it?
Is she very insecure from her previous relationship?
I'd not put up with it.
Your friend is spot on.
Maintain radio silence.

Get out there and find someone who appreciates you and won't dump you at the drop of a hat!

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