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No contact with family for a year - still wont leave me alone

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SabrinaTheTeenageBitch Mon 06-Feb-17 13:38:22

Hi all

Dont want to go into detail about reasons as it may be identifying but I went no contact with my mother last January. It was a long time coming and the best thing I ever did.

She has turned all other family members against me with her lies so im effectively no contact with my entire family but we arent and never were 'close' so its neither here nor there to me.

She wont stop harassing me. Initially she was at my door banging to be in the house, posting ranting letters through the door and harassing my neighbors. I should add this is not really to do with me, she is obsessed with my eldest daughter and its her she really wants access to i think.

Unknown to her we were moving house (other reasons but getting away from her was a definite plus) We moved house and as of now she doesn't know where we live (but has been trying to find out)

She has so far - constantly harrassed the person who lives in our old house
Hung around outside my daughters school questioning parents (my daughter has changed school)
Made harassing phone calls to my partners work
Sent letters to my partners place of work which is jeopardising his employment

She hasnt turned up at his place of work and i think this is because of the nature of his job (again could be outing to explain what that is)

In her latest letter to DH's place of work she has DEMANDED he bring me and the children to her house or 'things will get nasty' i have no idea what that means but she is definitely not above making lies up about people so goodness knows

We just dont know what to do. I have involved the police previously who spoke to her but i (trying to be nice) asked them to speak to her on the phone rather than going to her house and she refused to believe it was the police - it was someone pretending apparently hmm

I dont want any contact. I didn't before and i certainly dont now. I think shes absolutely batshit and wouldnt have within a hundred miles of me or my children.

But she's elderly (in her 80s) and very, VERY good at playing the victim so i dont know who to turn to.

We have so far taken the stance of ignore and not responding but after a year of this relentless shite im fed up.

Any advice much appreciated!

TeaStory Mon 06-Feb-17 13:42:14

I'm sorry, but I think you need to go to the police again and let them pay her a visit. It's harassment, and past time of trying to be "nice". Have you kept a log of all the incidents? You might also need to get a non-molestation order.

You have my sympathy, I've had a similar situation and it's hard for people outside it to understand the nightmare it is.

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 06-Feb-17 14:09:35

Report her harassment to the police. Age is no excuse for such behaviour from your mother.

No more with trying to be Mrs Nice Guy with regards to her either; the police should pay her a visit. She does not deserve any of your consideration.

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