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DM issues

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puffinface Sun 05-Feb-17 18:30:21

Hi, I feel the need to vent, so forgive me. My DM has always been a bit of a hypochondriac, every phonecall revolves around what ache/pain she has now. Since I was small shes had something or other wrong, once one thing has been ruled oit its on to the next. She recently had a somewhat serious op which has a recovery time of a couple of months, but I'm finding my sympathy waining. Shes a dreadful patient. I work all week and have spent all weekend cleaning and cooking for her and all I hear is complaints about having 'no-one' during the week. (She has my DF but he can do no right in her eyes, he has been rushing after her every whim, but its not good enough). Just now shes informed me I missed a spot when I hoovered her room. Im exhausted and emotionally drained! And she also has my other siblings taking care of her on other days too. Any advice on coping with this would be much appreciated.

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