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How do I keep drudging through this

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Gottabegreat123 Sat 04-Feb-17 15:30:17

I have had a wake up call by 2 of my very close family getting cancer one is only 22. It has made me appreciate life, but at the same time it has made me question everything. I have concluded that I'm so disappointed with how I've ended up.

I studied hard and went to University as I had a career goal I wanted to achieve that never happened and now I work in a boring job that is stressful. The problem is now I do not want to spend all day doing something I do not like doing I could die tomorrow. I have tried lots of jobs and everything is boring to me.

It puts me in dark moods and makes me feel depressed. I become very reckless and just quit jobs without giving a toss about the consequences. I'm not particularly good at anything either and nothing takes my fancy. I want to be happy and I'm not.

I've always wanted to be a free spirit and I'm trapped as you need money to live.

Does anybody else ever feel like this or does anyone have any advice as to how they dealt with this issue? Xxxx

HappyJanuary Sat 04-Feb-17 15:55:42

I think you may be trapped in a boring job because you don't stick around long enough to progress. What was the career you originally wanted to pursue but didn't, and what was the reason it didn't happen?

I think a lot of people feel dissatisfied at work, and a lot of people would like to be a free spirit and not have to work, but you're right that we also need things like food and housing.

Most people manage by making the other parts of their lives more satisfying, or by making a considered career change.

Gottabegreat123 Sat 04-Feb-17 16:24:57

I wanted a career in television production, I had to work for no pay, but I loved it. I wasn't able to keep it up as I was a mother with bills to pay and an extremely violent partner.
I would not want to progress in the jobs I've had! More responsibility and stress in a boring job I hate. No thanks.

I haven't the time nor energy to make other parts of my life more satisfying. We spend most of our lives at work. I can't consider a career change as everything looks unsatisfying to me.

I don't want to be one of the people who are dissatisfied at work, who delude themselves into thinking that a hobby on the weekend makes up for hours spent hating their job. That's the point I would love someone to let me know how they resolved this situation.

I hope someone can advise me xx

Kr1stina Sat 04-Feb-17 16:35:27

Someone HAS advised you. But you said you don't want to change the rest of your life.

And you've tried lots of jobs and you don't like any of them .

And you don't want to stay in one job to progress .

And yes want to be a free spirit but you have kids.

Theres not some easily answer that someone can tell you. You need to change your life or your expectations.

HappyJanuary Sat 04-Feb-17 17:29:39

You do sound a little unrealistic. It makes me think of that saying : if you're not willing to change what you do, you'll end up with what you've always got.

There are 168 hours in a week. If you spend 50hrs working/commuting then that leaves you 118hrs. If you deduct 56hrs of sleep (8hrs per day) that still leaves you 62hrs.

I know it's not that simple. There's lots of other boring time consuming stuff too.

I still think your best option is to identify a job you think you'd like and start working towards it, maybe something that involves working from home, or travel, or working for yourself. Just while you're waiting to win the lottery of course!

What is it you've hated about your jobs?

And make the most of life outside work. It doesn't have to be a hobby. Have fun, enjoy life, see friends, book holidays. There aren't many people who love their job, I think most people are doing it to pay the bills.

Surreyblah Sat 04-Feb-17 17:34:33

You sound negative and dismissive of suggestions!

Not v responsible

I really dislike aspects my job

Surreyblah Sat 04-Feb-17 17:35:00

I meant not v responsible to keep chucking jobs in when you have DC to support.

Surreyblah Sat 04-Feb-17 17:36:07

I dislike aspects of my job and would love to change it, but it's hard - if I do want to change it it'll take hard work outside work to work towards something new.

languagelearner Sat 04-Feb-17 17:38:43

Maybe you could listen to this song (it's a singer who sadly passed away last year):

About the biggest dissapointment....:

I think you could collect things to read, and listen to, and things to do, that'll cheer you up. Make plans later. Meanwhile it's important to stay positive, as much as you can. Take up a fun hobby. I have language learning as an hobby, for instance, one of them. If you know French, you might enjoy this

languagelearner Sat 04-Feb-17 17:41:59

And, yes, "Does anybody else ever feel like this?" - sure, most of us probably do... from time to time...

GTS Sat 04-Feb-17 17:57:33

I changed career completely, quite late on in relative terms.

I became a nurse, then a midwife.

Snapped me right out of my 'poor me' attitude. Sure, there are days that are very sad, but there are also real highs.

Topseyt Sat 04-Feb-17 17:57:33

There are boring and mundane aspects to all jobs. That is just life, and whether or not you went to uni makes zero difference.

You need to stick around long enough to get through it and get your teeth into the job. It doesn't sound like you do that because you are looking for some sort of utopia that doesn't exist.

Gottabegreat123 Sat 04-Feb-17 18:53:21

Thank you language learner for your unjudgemental, unsarcastic reply. Your kindness and empathy has been much appreciated at a difficult transition in my life. X

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