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A list of things to talk about on a first date needed.

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LeonoraCora Thu 02-Feb-17 21:29:42

I need to jot some down to memory so there's no awkward silences grin

Anyone ideas?

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Thu 02-Feb-17 21:30:46

Just ask lots of questions. Favourite holidays, bucket list places, weird interests, favourite foods - worst foods. The list is massive.

LeonoraCora Thu 02-Feb-17 21:35:24

I'm not a master at flowing conversation. Am feeling a little nervous.

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Thu 02-Feb-17 21:36:49

Nervous is normal. But he should be working at the convo too!

HeddaGarbled Thu 02-Feb-17 21:38:34

Oh bless you. Good advice above but try not to bombard him or her with questions or it can feel a bit like an interview/interrogation. Also don't think it's entirely your responsibility to keep up an endless stream of chat. Leave a few gaps for him/her to introduce some topics as well. Music you like, any films you've seen recently or books you've read, your job, interesting places you've visited. Good luck.

LeonoraCora Thu 02-Feb-17 21:39:30

Sorry she. Both women x

LeonoraCora Thu 02-Feb-17 21:40:34

We've been talking for a week and its been really easy. I'm better at online chatting than in person. I tend to get a little flustered.

motherinferior Thu 02-Feb-17 22:15:21

I'd do Brexit and Trump. Forget all those idiotic rules about not discussing politics - you need to know where you stand and they'll keep you going for hours.

Dieu Thu 02-Feb-17 23:25:13

Inspiration for their OLD username can be a good one, particularly if unusual!

DJKKSlider Thu 02-Feb-17 23:27:58

Who's your favourite pony? Oh you don't like My Little Pony?

Can I have the cheque please?


First thing inwoukd strongly suggest is emitting nervousness. They'll be the same. It will cut that nervousness down to something g to laugh at, not worry about. Iyswim.
Then ask questions, listen, converse on the answers given.

DJKKSlider Thu 02-Feb-17 23:28:43

Emitting? Wtf? I meant admitting nervousness.

OFFFS Thu 02-Feb-17 23:42:32

Things you like, music, films, hobbies, pets, whatever it is. All you're doing is trying to find common ground.

It's a conversation. That is all. smile

LeonoraCora Thu 02-Feb-17 23:43:23


Rainbow dash btw.

DJKKSlider Fri 03-Feb-17 09:12:25

Op... Rainbow Dash... Really?

Pinkie is clearly the best, followed by Derpy, then Dashie.

Maybe I'll not jump out of the toilet window, but I may have to play every pinkie MLP episode until you agree.... Or going crazy.... Which ever comes first. grin

Joking aside, good luck on the date, hope it goes as well as you want it too.
(PS.... Take Cupcakes....)

noego Fri 03-Feb-17 16:18:53

Same age? Childhood memories. Music tastes, hobbies, books, films. things that happened at school. Families, fashion, food dislikes and likes
Discovering what you have in common.

That should last more than 5 minutes.

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