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SoggyClothesAndBreezeblocks Wed 01-Feb-17 15:25:17

I've got a huge crush on the builder who's currently sorting out the kitchen. He's around the same age as me and he's adorable. I'm married for nearly 3 years and ds is 20mo. How on earth do you get over this sort of thing? Obviously there's no chance I'd do anything about it! But I also can't avoid him at the moment for another week or so.

gamerchick Wed 01-Feb-17 15:28:43

It's only a week just enjoy it. It'll go when he's finished up and gone.

HolgerDanske Wed 01-Feb-17 15:28:45

I don't see any reason why you would need to avoid him. I'd be enjoying it and making good use of the excitement.

SoggyClothesAndBreezeblocks Wed 01-Feb-17 15:31:05

Is it fair enough to have a little flirt then? He's receptive enough.

BumDNC Wed 01-Feb-17 15:35:57

Would your husband mind you flirting with him?
Personally you shouldn't flirt with someone who is working on your house, it could get very uncomfortable if he makes a move on you or gets the wrong idea. I would be friendly but draw the line. Also remember whether you would mind your husband doing the same or how it might make him feel.
I like flirting in some circumstances (the guy who is trying to fix my broadband from some call centre somewhere for instance) but you have to be aware of the other person's response when it is face to face.
So I don't advise it

BigusBumus Wed 01-Feb-17 15:38:42

I've had a recent crush on a roofer that did our roof. It was HUGE but has faded away now that I don't see him anymore. Just enjoy it, flirt a little, but don't do anything about it. No harm in that.

HolgerDanske Wed 01-Feb-17 15:39:15

Flirting is a different story. Don't flirt. Be more subtle than that.

HolgerDanske Wed 01-Feb-17 15:41:39

When I say enjoy it I mean enjoy the narrative inside your mind, not bringing it out into the open. That would be disrespectful to your husband, first of all, and also hurtful to him if he noticed. Let your mind go with it but no, don't make it obvious to the guy!

gamerchick Wed 01-Feb-17 15:44:23

Noooo no flirting man! Have a laugh and be friendly but that's all. Keep it in your head, dodgy ground if you flirt and they're open to it.

SoggyClothesAndBreezeblocks Wed 01-Feb-17 15:44:30

Pretty sure the guy is attached too, I've enjoyed having a bit of a laugh with him. No proper flirting though!

SoggyClothesAndBreezeblocks Wed 01-Feb-17 15:47:43

I should say there are several other workmen milling about and we don't currently live in the property so there's no opportunity for anything further!!

HarmlessChap Wed 01-Feb-17 16:03:41

so there's no opportunity for anything further

that sounds as though you wish there was.

SleepingTiger Wed 01-Feb-17 16:03:48

Then this shouldn't be in Relationships but in Chat in Fun and Games.

Then we can talk about whether it's a big project so you can send us pictures of his extension or just small jobbing works like filling your cracks (arf arf).

LoupGarou Wed 01-Feb-17 16:06:07

sleepingtiger grin

Eevee77 Wed 01-Feb-17 16:24:55

Flirting with someone you know you're attracted to is dangerous imo.

SoggyClothesAndBreezeblocks Wed 01-Feb-17 16:25:10

Harmless I only said that because of the suggestion that flirting could lead to something more! Just pointing out the impracticality of it grin

sleeping grin arf arf indeed

SoggyClothesAndBreezeblocks Wed 01-Feb-17 16:25:37

Okay no flirting! grin

LoupGarou Wed 01-Feb-17 16:34:20

Quite a long time ago I met someone I had a crush on from afar which I had been denying/refusing to admit to, still makes me go a bit a lot swoony now. Did not help that he was infinitely more attractive and charismatic than I had imagined blush. Then I give myself a huge slap and mentally slam the door on it. So no help on the getting over it front I'm afraid.

SoggyClothesAndBreezeblocks Wed 01-Feb-17 16:59:17

Loup I think I'll be you in a few years then! sigh <swoons>

LoupGarou Wed 01-Feb-17 17:17:40

In fairness my crush is someone I am never likely to meet again (famous), but DH detests him so it shall remain my secret grin. I was with ex DP. Ex was half hmm and half grin. I don't think ex will rat me out...grin

<gives self another slap to stop the daydreams>

StumblyMonkey Wed 01-Feb-17 17:25:02

Oh spill! Who is your sleb?

You can't just withhold that sort of tease!

LoupGarou Wed 01-Feb-17 17:37:10

Stumbly more world leader than sleb. And not Trump - even I'm not that bad thankfully! grin I would never live it down with DH and he knows my username so am keeping quiet, where I live liking this man is pretty much a lynching offence and DH would tell everyone so would have to put up with excessive ribbing grin.

SoggyClothesAndBreezeblocks Wed 01-Feb-17 17:56:55

<dying to know >

LoupGarou Wed 01-Feb-17 18:04:43

<dying of embarrassment>

I was just listening to YouTube and thinking the Bon Jovi song I could make a living outta loving you is quite apt for tasty builders grin

SoggyClothesAndBreezeblocks Wed 01-Feb-17 18:09:06

Oh my tummy went funny at the thought of him just now <got it bad!>

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