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Recommendations for SHL that 'gets' emotional/financial/psych abuse

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joell75 Wed 01-Feb-17 10:58:50

Hello everyone. I KNOW this isnt the right place to be asking this question, but have tried legal and only had one response. I started reading up on here a while ago, and after a short time, I came to realise that what my ex-partner does (and has done for the last six years) is EA. Theres also financial abuse involved too. People were telling me for a long time that it was very wrong, but I just thought I had unfortunately picked a bad 'un, and I had to lump it to protect my childrens relationship with him. 'Listening' to you all here has, within the space of a couple of months, made me realise that I dont have to. I became involved with the local DA organisation and they put me on to a solicitor who was utterly amazing. Got to the stage where I had paid for a letter to be sent, but they then found there was a conflict of interest. I can only assume they are representing him in his application to have residency of the kids (the latest thing). Soooo, Im asking if anybody has any recommendations for a SHL in the North West that 'gets', what can be at times, very covert EA. Thanks all.

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