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Anyone else estranged from their family?

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Suzcat78 Mon 30-Jan-17 00:06:00

Hi all

I was just wondering if anyone was in the same situation and how you learn to cope with it?

Just a bit of background which I will try and keep as brief as possible!

I'm the youngest of 4, 2B and 1S, mum died when I was 12, 1B became my legal guardian, we moved apart when I was 21, relationship since then had been ok, with my sister quite strained as I didn't like people prying into my business and forming false opinions.

Anyway as time went on I was left out of family occasions, events etc with no valid reasoning. I have a 10 year old DD, who my so called siblings haven't seen in about two years.

I last saw them about a year ago and we were barely on talking terms, but it was to tell me that I couldn't attend my nieces (sister's daughter) wedding, despite my niece not being there in person but I've been in her life since she was a baby and have alway made an effort to maintain the relationship.

Their reason was that I'm toxic and miserable, not ever taking fault for that themselves. When asked about my daughter my sister came up with some bullshit as to why she couldn't come. My sister has a habit of dragging up old stuff that I've long let go and die but she drags up crap from years past, it's so tiring and frankly boring to hear the same thing over and over again!

Anyway, I've not heard anything from them dd's birthday came and went and nothing.

Is anyone else in a similar sort of situation with their so called family, how do you deal with it?

Thanks for taking the time to read!

keepingonrunning Mon 30-Jan-17 13:20:22

You might find the Stately Homes thread, also on Relationships, helpful.

Suzcat78 Mon 30-Jan-17 18:02:27

Thanks for that, will have a look. smile

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