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A letter to my ex

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ownit Sat 28-Jan-17 16:58:44

(Name changed)

Not going to send this to him as just writing it down and posting on this wonderful forum will be satisfying enough. Reading this topic all over Xmas and New Year was very comforting whilst going NC. Thank you everyone x


Can you stomach the truth? Here it is....

I became infatuated (trauma bonded) during a very vulnerable time in my life. With a man totally unsuitable. He was someone who tried to use and swindle me.

Who treated me appallingly for 8 weeks

Who had previously, emotional and physically, abused his wife during their marriage.

Who, when I started seeing him with an open mind and heart, continually lied about his secret crush/affair with another woman half his age

Who once called me 'fat' during sex - the last time I would allow intimacy and the start of my strength returning.

Who slagged off my appearance. Constantly.

Who sat googling and filming a whore in front of me and his children (the first night I met them) at his family's party in a foreign country, after just 2 weeks dating.

Who tried to persuade me to buy half a property with him - for just him to live in...after just 3 weeks dating.

Who one night degraded and bullied me by lashing out about my country and race (UK) where he continues to still live (and tax dodge)like a gypsy, sharing a house with who knows how many people, instead of standing on his own two feet like a real man. All done, whilst eating my food, at my table, in my home. In front of his mother and children (The final straw)

<<There is a lot more to list but I simply cannot be arsed>>

That excuse of a man is you.

Live with it - I no longer have to.

IPokeBadgers Sat 28-Jan-17 22:10:01

Well done you for your strength, stay can do so much better!

ownit Sat 28-Jan-17 23:19:27

Thank you ipoke

Writing it down in black and white has been v cathartic. I was so blinded.

Never has this happened before to me, hopefully, never again.

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