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Where do I find a SHL?

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JLbaby Wed 25-Jan-17 21:57:35

Long story short, I'm going through the separation process with husband (emotional abuse, controlling behaviour etc - has been physical in the past). He's told me he wants full custody of the kids (DD4 and DD2). Although I think it's unlikely he'll get it and he's just trying to scare me I'm going to be getting legal advice - where do I start and how do I know if they are any good?

I saw a legal aid solicitor through WA for a chat earlier this week, I don't qualify for legal aid unfortunately so I'll have to pay for it somehow. Anyway, she seems really nice, however how do I know if she's any good?!

joell75 Wed 25-Jan-17 22:04:31

I need help with this too! I found a SHL that was attached to local DA team. She was amazing, then right before due to start writing first letter, turned out there was a conflict of interests. So demoralising because she really 'got' him.

JLbaby Thu 26-Jan-17 06:32:37

Bump for everyone this morning!

ddrmum Thu 26-Jan-17 09:27:29

Hi all, I know a shl if it helps? She's just helped me with my ex trying to get residency of one of our children. She has empathy, is direct, supportive & honest & doesn't waste time. She's also aware that this is costly for many of us & does her best to keep this pressure to a minimum. She's London based but works nationally - I really can't recommend her enough. Her name is Denise Hoilette at PSP Law 0207 604 5600 (just ask for her. she'll get back to you if she's out of the office)

JLbaby Thu 26-Jan-17 09:52:17

Thanks! Do you mind if I ask how much her hourly rate is? Also I have googled her and she seems to come up as working for another law firm too, is she definitely as PSP Law?

MrsBertBibby Thu 26-Jan-17 10:20:08

She's with PSP according to the Law Society.

You're probably seeing cached pages from Venters where she was before.

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