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boyfriend getting new roomate. question

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Babyboy15 Tue 24-Jan-17 19:25:16


I've just got a question for the ladies who have a man in the forces or if you may know the answer.

My boyfriends on a tour with the RAF in Dubai and he's just told me he's getting a new roomate tomorrow.

I just want to know if it could be a female, and would the RAF allow a woman and a man to share the same room?

Please let me know.


HebeJeeby Tue 24-Jan-17 19:28:07

Hello, I'm ex -RAF and have been on dets myself and can say categorically that his new room mate won't be female. Hope that puts your mind at rest.

Babyboy15 Tue 24-Jan-17 19:48:45

Thank you. Hope not.

PaterPower Tue 24-Jan-17 20:14:13

No, absolutely no way.

LemonyFresh Tue 24-Jan-17 20:47:00

Are you worried about hanky panky going on?

Babyboy15 Tue 24-Jan-17 21:19:02

Obviously. He knows I wouldn't be alright with a female in his room.

AndersArms Tue 24-Jan-17 21:20:53

You sound like you have trust issues OP.

GinIsIn Tue 24-Jan-17 21:24:01

If you trust him that little, his room mate is the least of your problems!

Quartz2208 Tue 24-Jan-17 21:24:04

I don't think she would be happy to be in a room with a man she did not know so I have no idea why you would think it could even slightly happen. It does sound as if you don't trust him, is it a new relationship

Babyboy15 Tue 24-Jan-17 21:29:18

no we've been together for 3 years and have a 1 year old.

Ellisandra Tue 24-Jan-17 21:33:28

If you don't trust him, bail.
I had an RAF boyfriend for a very short while - when he went on detachment to Qatar he was roomed with another man.
No way would I have known if he had had RAF women in his room when his roomie was on shift.
But I trusted him not to.

Just as he trusted me not to be shagging someone back in the UK.

I actually think my RAF guy would have been less likely to cheat with a randomly allocated female officer in the same room, than he would be with another woman on base that he actually fancied and chose for himself!

LatteTime Tue 24-Jan-17 21:34:39

Husbands a captain in the army, he's just said it goes against the armed forces act so no way.


Ellisandra Tue 24-Jan-17 21:34:59

If you've been together 3 years, surely you know about room mates?
Has something happened to make you worry?

LatteTime Tue 24-Jan-17 21:37:41

Ps - he's now added they're not even allowed in the same loo blocks let alone share a room.

I know having someone away on tour can make you anxious flowers

KanyeWesticle Tue 24-Jan-17 21:50:18

You need to put more trust in your relationship. If a random female roommate worries you, you need to look at your relationship. If you don't trust him, it's not about his potential future roommate.

Mils45 Tue 24-Jan-17 21:59:33

Chill people. She doesn't have trust issues, what woman would be happy with their man sharing with another woman? My roommate had a partner in the forces, it's incredibly difficult. Takes a strong lady to do it. Xx

Quartz2208 Wed 25-Jan-17 14:30:56

Its the fact though that without any evidence to the contrary she thought it might happen (the armed forces would never have a mixed sex room) and then if it did happen then something would happen.

There are things yes to be anxious about having a partner on tour and it is incredibly difficult - this is not one of them. Either she has trust issues or is focusing her anxiety about him being away on this.

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