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Feels like my flatmate

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mylifeisamystery Sat 21-Jan-17 16:16:49

We've been together nearly 2 yrs we seemed to want the same things so he moved in 4 mths ago now we seem like flat mates. I've spoke to him today about it but he just seems to brush it under the carpet. I said I don't think we are compatible anymore, he said he wants to be with me but I don't think I feel it anymore. I don't know what to do.

mylifeisamystery Sat 21-Jan-17 16:19:01

He's going through a

mylifeisamystery Sat 21-Jan-17 16:20:36

Nasty divorce which his ex is dragging her feet about and I just feel I'm wasting my life waiting for the outcome..probably selfish on my part?

ImperialBlether Sat 21-Jan-17 16:25:29

That's a very short time for it to all go wrong, OP. Was it going wrong before he moved in and was his moving in with you an attempt to make it work?

mylifeisamystery Sat 21-Jan-17 16:34:33

Sort of, I thought him moving in would be the next step. I thought we would be more comfortable with each other but we seem so distant with each other.

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