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Lies and talking to ex

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allthegoodnames Thu 19-Jan-17 21:36:08

Found out through a friend that DP has been in contact with his ex. We're all in the same friendship group, so at first I didn't worry about it. But I've found out that he talks to her quite a lot, call each other early hours of the morning etc. I'm really uncomfortable with it and confronted him about it. He said nothing was going on of course. I then asked my close friend to speak to his ex, who also said that they were just really good friends and nothing more.
They have no DC together. We have a 1 year old. If I was to speak to any of my male friends this much, let alone an ex, he would go mental.
Then there are the other lies. Over little things like that he's not eaten when he's ordered a takeaway to bigger things like he's not touched cigarettes or drugs in a year. I found out the later through a friend who says everytime they've gone on a night out he's done something and smoked. And he admitted to smoking again secretly and not telling me because I'd be upset. I get he's an adult and can do what he wants, but I hate smoking with a passion and don't think I can be with someone who does it.
I've told him if he lies one more time we're over, but now I just don't trust him and just waiting for him to lie again. I don't know if I should cut my losses now or try again?

Ilovecaindingle Thu 19-Jan-17 21:39:40

Best advice?
Hope next time his lies are so HUGE so you can't ignore them and have to end your relationship.
Or this is how you will feel forever more.
Speaking from vast experience.

allthegoodnames Thu 19-Jan-17 22:06:51

I think you're right sad I've just got this sinking feeling that this is it

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