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Too much of a ladies'man?

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user1484840592 Thu 19-Jan-17 16:36:54

I'm in desperate need of women's insight on a problem. I usually rely on my own judgment, but this problem is about my daughter and I'm afraid I might be biased...
So, my inexperienced young daughter is dating a much older guy. I've had no problem with the age issue as he seems nice and caring. Given the age difference they both kinda know they cannot be together forever, although he's been hinting that he would actually like to get married and stuff. At the same time, he seems to have an incredible amount of female friends, all of them single.
My DD did her best to ignore the fact that he sometimes visited an old friend - at her house- for a massage (and a bite to eat, since he's there). Or going over to his ex to help with some repair...What really bothers me is that lately he's been seeing another friend, who is supossedly going through a break-up and needs someone to talk to. They met at a coffee-shop, but obviously, my DD had a lot to say on this subject, but he insists he's just doing this as a friend. Well, he did admit that this other woman used to fancy him in the past and right now she is quite desperate to be in a relationship with someone.
What really ticked me off is that - being a good friend, he readily accepted to give this woman a ride, as she needed to do some shopping and the weather's been terrible and the poor girl needs some help. Once again, DD was visibly upset (and refused to tag along), but he simply ignored her and went to help this healthy young woman buy whatever...Might I mention that the desperate young female is due to start taking driving lessons with my girl's boyfriend?
I've been trying to warn my daughter that this is not ok and she understands that this woman is after her man, yet she chose to accept his point of view. What do I do? Should I insist on voicing my concern? Should I let her face the ugly truth when she's ready to do it? And, finally, do any of you believe that this whole story might me innocent? Are there guys that just want to be friendly and nothing more?

CaoNiMa Thu 19-Jan-17 18:43:59

Firstly, how old is your DD and how old is the chap?

DonaldStott Thu 19-Jan-17 19:06:16

Dd is 18. Arsehole boyfriend is 46. This is a duplicate thread.

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