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Does she want to come home?

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1DAD2KIDS Tue 17-Jan-17 21:12:09

To add to my dating priblems I am a bit concerned that my ex wants back home. Her mother often talks to me to check out her stories as she sort of tells so many lies it's hard to know what's truth or lies (don't think she does either to be honest). Anyway her mum told me that "aparently" we had been talking about getting back together. Funny as I can't wait to get the divorce done fast enough. Then the other day she text me out the blue to say she regretted all the things she done. Oddly enough still can't bring her self to say sorry for what she done to me and the kids. Does it sound like she is making a play to come back home?

Sounds like her selfish attitude. The grass wasn't greener, he was a totally lazy user abusive arse. Now she is alone, broke and oddly enough suddenly starting to miss the kids. But was perfectly to drop her kids and a husband that once loved her very much for dick face. I wounder if now she is hitting rock bottom and thinking life back with me and the kids is looking a good option?

If she does want back I will be passed off. The many chances I gave her to come home because we all loved her. I would have forgive her, I just wanted her home safe. And she just didn't give a dam. Now I have change having space from her. I seen how bad she was for me and how I deserved so much more. I feel sorry for her and I get on well with her but I would never have her back. I do not love her any more and want so much more for my self. So it annoys me if only now the penny has dropped for her because it is too late. The door is closed to her. Why could she not have saved our children this heart ache and come back home to us when the door was still open?

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