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What a mess

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jimjamjoebob Tue 17-Jan-17 20:17:09

So basically. I'm married with two kids. I work full time but my husband is self employed. He's work is very seasonal so we do have times in the year where we struggle financially. We live a good hours drive to he's home place and on days off he appears to be only interested in going home which can include a two hour return trip I have tackled him on this before but have recently just let him do whatever he wants to avoid arguments. I don't get very far confronting him as he would typically throw it all back to me and point out all that's wrong with me. I'm completely worn down and feel I might as well be a single mum. In about the last 6 months he has become so moody and I am not allowed ask who he was speaking with on d Phone or what time he will be home. Anyway I have recently found text message between him and another girl, he has confessed to me he has been having an affair with this girl from his home place. He is very upset but I want him out. O dear god, where do I go from here

HandbagCrazy Tue 17-Jan-17 20:46:31


First, he needs to leave. Do you own or rent? If he blames you for everything and is having an affair, would he leave if you asked him to

It's hard but try not to get drawn into arguements with him - he's trying to make it seem like you're awful which is why he cheated. It's a tactic they all do to make themselves feel less guilty. If he starts, get a few lines that you repeat over and over ("you had an affair," "I don't want to be in a relationship with you anymore," "I am not discussing this further. You had an affair" - on a loop, over and over.

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