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Emotional Abuse

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tigercub50 Mon 16-Jan-17 23:24:10

I have a good marriage but I would say that my DH is emotionally a bit immature & I have a few concerns about the way he sometimes behaves towards me. I am not sure if I am being emotionally abused. He tends to say that I am too sensitive quite a lot, thereby excusing some of what he says to me. He will also say that he hasn't meant to upset me or it is just my interpretation but sometimes I end up feeling that I am to blame in a situation where I genuinely haven't done anything wrong. We have been married nearly 15 years & I have wanted to go to Relate more than once but my DH flatly refuses as he doesn't want to pay. I am certainly no angel & I know I prolong arguments by going on & on until the other person is "worn down" but I think I need a bit of advice. My DH is terrible at taking criticism or he thinks he is being criticised when he isn't - with some of the things that have come out, I do wonder if he was humiliated as a child so now doesn't deal with stuff in an adult way.I have a DD of 8 & sometimes she is easier to deal with than DH! I don't want to paint him as a monster, because he isn't, and he's a great Dad & partner in lots of ways. If I can't change him, I need to try to change how I react to him I guess

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