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AIBU? festival guilt

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ilikefestivals Sun 15-Jan-17 23:13:11

NC but a regular.

My DP asked me if i wanted to go to a festival with him. I have so many more commitments than him and couldn't say 'yes' on the spot, so over the space of a few days I have made sure all commitments were taken care of and then I agreed.

By this point I was quite excited to get things booked and spoke to DP about getting things organised (I suffer from OCD)

For context, we need tickets to the event and separate accommodation. I didn't want it to be sold out before we booked. We agreed we would go halves on everything.

He then said he'd sort it out on pay day. I said that was fine. (accommodation unlikely to be sold out, plus, worst case scenario, we are driving distance from home. However, the event will possibly be sold out!)

So....I 'surprised' him by buying our tickets and said "let's sort the accommodation out on payday".

Now I'm apparently in the wrong for what I thought was a nice gesture!

I've explained my reasons for buying the tickets, told him it was a gift, and even said he can go with his mates if he wants, but ot all seems to have pissed him off more.

WTF have I done wrong?!?!

LesisMiserable Sun 15-Jan-17 23:25:15

I think it was his idea and instead of letting him handle the arrangements you've taken over.

Perhaps he's extrapolated it out into you having more disposable cash than him that allowed you to deal with it straight away when he had to wait until pay day and perhaps thats a bone of contention.

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