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Advice on returning belongings

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Ladybird1979 Sat 14-Jan-17 14:31:05

Hey all. I think I know the rationale answer to this. Maybe it's more a post for tea and sympathy but here goes.

My partner who I love tells me on way to 36 week scan he's leaving me. We have not had the best relationship. I am probably at fault. It came to this because yesterday I met a friend he does not like at all and it made him realise it won't work between us.

I wish I lied about meeting my friend now. I wish I could have ended that friendship and just done what was not asked of me but implied.

But hey for the 2nd time in this pregnancy he's gone.

Now here's the question. I do feel f****d over and yes I am so bitter and angry but he agreed to pay me 200 a month rent. I struggle to pay the bills and lost my tax credit with him getting here (1 dec).

He had stayed here 2 weeks so have asked for a bunch of my property back and £100 rent. He also has day materials here costing £100 I paid for. I have asked him to return them as they are on his account and I can't and refund the money.

He also has keys he has refused to return.

He always has controlled everything - when he stays when he goes, and tried to stop me having the baby.

I want to get control back. I want to say I'll keep your things until I get paid rent and my possessions back. He has said I can have my things but no money which will leave me struggling to pay my mortgage.

I think the answer is I need to just give him his things but I'm so tired of being walked over. I just want that time bit of control back. Can anyone help?

Offred Sat 14-Jan-17 14:45:20

Just give him his things and immediately reopen your tax credits claim.

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