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It's not just me then...

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Mrschudson Sat 14-Jan-17 10:24:53

It's Saturday morning, the sun's creeping out and the mood in the house is good. I'm sitting on the toilet, trying to have a moment of peace and quiet, and I can hear my husband being grumpy with our very inquisitive 4 year old in the kitchen. "Eat all your trumpet" is repeated over and over in his harsh voice, until her tears break the monotony of his request. Then he repeats "Don't start the crying thing!" and the whole situation is demanding my attention...but I just need a poo. I just wanted 3 minutes to myself to defecate and be able to continue my day unhindered (if you catch my drift without further TMI). I shout out I'm in the loo and he says "On Ebay you mean" and I'm incensed! About an hour later all is calm but I'm still smarting, I'm on my tablet - I avoid eBay and instead I googled "why is my husb..." and before I finish my question I take comfort in the fact I'm not asking an original question and what others have finished typing.
Anyone else ever hide in the loo with eBay?

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