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How useful was a good counsellor for you

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user1479305498 Thu 12-Jan-17 16:29:33

Hurrah! I have found what I think is a fantastic counsellor in Bath. She is witty, fun, down to earth, not miserable , and has given me a lot of good vibes/feelings, certainly given me confidence again that whatever I choose, I have lots going for me . She has also convinced me that I am not "going off my head" my worries and anxieties are perfectly normal etc! She is the only person Ive ever spoken to about sex too, who is so down to earth I dont feel awkward and uses extremely "earthy" words and not once has she brought everything back to childhood or disfunctional parents etc. You read some crap things about counselling but I think the right person with the right client can make a huge difference. One thing she did stress is that in many cases individual counselling is what many would benefit from when they automatically go to "marriage guidance" and she herself is ex Relate, so has seen both.

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