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Charliepeace83 Wed 11-Jan-17 22:53:47

I have bipolar, for the first time ever it seems to be controlled and I'm feeling positive (never, ever felt this way!).

I've had an emotional few days having broken up with a very depressed boyfriend who seems to be a different person and blamed me for all his health issues. He has be extremely hurtful.

I am sad, heart broken over the break up but I can see the logic to it and that can't be in that toxic relationship. Wow! I would never have been so calm and rational when my illness is not looked after.
How do most people with bipolar react to a break up? Are the drugs numbing the pain? Or do the correct meds menu you are able to cope like the average person?

I've been upset but not distraught. What I have noticed is I am extremely exhausted and could sleep all day because, I'm assuming it's the emotional drain. Is this a bipolar thing?

Thanks for reading.Any thoughts would be welcomed

Charliepeace83 Wed 11-Jan-17 22:55:08


jeaux90 Wed 11-Jan-17 23:00:53

It could be. My sister has it and she gets very tired and can sleep and sleep after being emotionally drained by a situation x

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