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I cannot get any response from his solicitor!

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EdgeofGlory Wed 11-Jan-17 13:14:03

It's been 8months since I filed for divorce and in July my Form e was completed. His solicitor ignores our letters and calls and I'm no further on. My solicitor has suggested we apply to the court for financial relief but I simply can't afford the court fee.

Can anyone offer any advice or guidance??


CockacidalManiac Wed 11-Jan-17 13:24:18

Has he actually instructed a solicitor?

AnchorDownDeepBreath Wed 11-Jan-17 13:24:59

If he's not paying the solicitor they won't respond. Your solicitors route may be the best one.

EdgeofGlory Wed 11-Jan-17 13:40:34

Yes he has a solicitor as we have had odd correspondence

donners312 Wed 11-Jan-17 13:46:00

all you can do is file the court order - you can't make his solicitor respond?

EdgeofGlory Wed 11-Jan-17 13:49:18

Has anyone represented themselves?

shebefierce Sat 14-Jan-17 17:55:57

Watching with great interest as in a similar position. My partners ex filed months and months ago, failed to fully disclose and her lawyers have ignored all letters since. Self representing due to not being able to afford a lawyer. Any help would be welcomed as the courts appear not to even give procedural advice.

mylifeisamystery Sat 14-Jan-17 18:01:09

It's took 12 months for my partners ex to get to a negotiation stage she's dragged it out that much and been petty, my partners solicitor has now taken control and got a court date. I just hope they can come to some agreements before court else it could take longer and drag out more!

eurochick Sat 14-Jan-17 18:08:07

He solicitor might not be responding because he is not paying him/her. They don't write letters for free! As you have been advised, your route is court. There are ways to get relief from court fees. Your solicitor should be able to see whether you are eligible. There is information on the HMCTS website.

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