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Is it love or loneliness?

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IamMee Sun 08-Jan-17 20:27:17

I'm in my 40's been single for over 3 year bar a couple of flings... I'm don't want to be on my own forever, nor do I want to go through a breakup...but struggling to work out how to tell if i enjoy their company because we are super compatible and potential life partner or if it's just that we get on well and I really like having some company?
I'm pretty easy going and accepting of people so have lots of friends, some of whom don't like others of my friends, they just seem to clash, and some of whome don't really have any other firends, where as I find things in most people to like... ('always had a nack of picking up waifs and strays' my mothers words about me!!) this worries me when looking for a partner as I may struggle to see their faults before becoming invested iyswim
I thought my EXH was the one... but was very wrong only took 13years and 3 DC's to realise! So how do I know?

hoolabaybee Sun 08-Jan-17 22:04:00

I'm in same situation.

I have met a lot of lovely men who are pure gentlemen but I get bored so easily and then dump. The ones I do like just want a hook up n I'm 44 so these guys aren't young.

Just wonder how long this will go on for sad

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