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Fwb - how does one approach it?

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HowDoYouDrinkYourTea Sat 07-Jan-17 22:02:59

I don't currently have the time nor inclination to be pursuing anything serious at the moment but would be open to a friend with benefits.

I have met a guy where it might work well but how do I approach it? It seems like a really awkward thing to say /ask

mereswinesaliva Sun 08-Jan-17 15:28:57

Why don't you just enjoy some dates with the guy and explain you are definitely not looking for anything serious. If he seems to be thinking the same way, you can just enjoy the relationship for what it is. At least you've been upfront about your feelings.

DearMrDilkington Sun 08-Jan-17 15:30:53

What wine said, good luck!

BitchQueen90 Sun 08-Jan-17 16:00:58

Yes, agree with wine. Has he expressed an interest in a relationship with you? You need to be very clear that you enjoy his company but are not looking for anything serious. I am in the same boat, had a FWB for the last two years and we are both very happy with the situation.

jeaux90 Sun 08-Jan-17 16:32:11

I did this for a year or so. Sound him out. Worked ok for me because like you I didn't want a relationship but enjoyed a bit of company occasionally grin

Emmageddon Sun 08-Jan-17 18:09:47

Ask him out for a coffee or a beer, and see a) if he's single b) if he's interested in a FWB relationship.

Good luck!

noego Thu 12-Jan-17 18:35:35

I hate the phrase FWB. Friends and loves is better. Friends first then become lovers. Go for dinner explain what you want and see what happens.

SparklingRaspberry Thu 12-Jan-17 20:50:45

Tell him you aren't after anything serious and just looking for something casual?

Just be honest from the beginning.

RestlessTraveller Thu 12-Jan-17 21:42:09

"I think I'm going to get myself a fuck-buddy, any ideas about who could fit the bill?"

noego Fri 13-Jan-17 00:51:37

The only ones that fit the bill are the ones that fit the bill grin)

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