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Dating with a baby?

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Foodie89 Mon 02-Jan-17 15:28:15

Where on earth do you find a man when you have a 9 month old baby? I'm so ready to get back out there. I'm on POF but a lot of the men don't even read my profile which clearly says I have a son. Then they say oh I didn't realise you had a kid angry None of them are attractive anyway so I'm not fussed.
Am I using the wrong dating site?
Do I need to go out more? I haven't managed to find this dream man while doing my asda shopping!

TheNaze73 Mon 02-Jan-17 15:38:07

Depends what you're looking for OP?

Obviously being a mother wipes out a % of the population but, likewise I could never date someone without children so it's swings & roundabouts.

Maybe look at the dating thread on here, it makes interesting reading

Princesspinkgirl Mon 02-Jan-17 22:57:18

I think trouble is with actual dating sites is alot of men will just want no ties but all is not lost let me tell you something i met my current Dp by complete accident on a social network site called meetme it is world-wide but we both are in uk one day we just said hello to each other and that was it 3 weeks later met in person and now would you belive that we have a baby on the way due now and are completely in love and whats even better is we are a perfect match and so similar soul mates i always say if something is meant to be then it will be and thats why i believe i was meant to meet him

BumDNC Mon 02-Jan-17 23:01:50

I only date men who are also parents. I had been single for years and wasted much time on childless men. They never seemed to understand. There are men out there who have their own kids and do understand so do not be disheartened. It can take some time to find someone like minded

SheFeedsYouTeaAndOranges Mon 02-Jan-17 23:45:13

I think that many people would be put off dating someone with a 9 month old baby. That's very young.

I have children and would only date someone with children, but I would want their children to be a similar-ish age to mine. Or at least of school age.

I've dated a couple of childless men and I found them to be whiny and demanding and completely unable to comprehend that my children were my priority and not them.

Tbh, when my eldest was 9 months old and I was single, dating was the furthest thing from my mind! I don't know how you've got the time or the inclination!!

I think OD is a good way of chatting to people to pass time in the evening and getting the occasional night out, I don't really rate it for finding a relationship though.

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