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Legal aid-doctors evidence

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vonny81 Fri 30-Dec-16 00:08:05

I'm a bit stuck where to ask for advice!
I have been experiencing domestic abuse (EA) For the last 2 years. My boy is 22 months and now my ex partner is taking me to court for access.
I went to my doctor in may, instructed by my ex partner to tell them that I am mentally ill and I need some drugs. I explained to the doctor the arguments and blackmail, pressure I was under to do as he and his family wants with my son. She said I didn't need drugs as a tablet won't make my problem go away.....
Well now I am glad he sent me as I was hoping to get doctors evidence of domestic abuse.

I have asked the doctor for the template to be filled in. Yet they are unwilling to put my symptoms were caused by domestic abuse. They have noted my records saying low mood and anxiety, marital problems!!

My understanding is that the letter is confirming I have been seen with a condition or symptoms that are consistent with domestic abuse! It is not to prove that abuse happened. I have provided my gp with letters from my domestic abuse caseworker, confirming our previous contact and appointments etc as they asked for further proof. But still won't write the template. I think they are not used to this sort of thing and are confused about what I am asking for.

Anyone have any ideas or experience? I have an appointment for 3rd January to see the doctor again to discuss. This is making me feel so stressed and ill 😢😢😢

vonny81 Fri 30-Dec-16 08:09:43


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