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bullying/social media used to bully.... small community

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user1465876185 Thu 29-Dec-16 20:49:05

Last year was my daughter's final year at school and towards the end we found she had been alienated from study group meetings and outings by one of the local girls, with several going along with it. Its a very small community so class size equally small. However it meant she decided to miss her end of school farewell dinner as she felt extremely uncomfortable, unwanted and just wanted to get the year over with and move on with life. This year saw her start at University and begin her new life. one or two 'friends' were removed from social media accounts at the end of last year for the fresh start. 1 friend stayed in contact with her and initially attended the same uni, so that built on their friendship which continues. From time to time she has received odd snap chat group photos of parties and such where all the girls have attended but again she has been excluded. The remaining friend has told her of the terrible behaviour at these parties and has decided not to attend in future, although faces issues from her own parents saying she is being unsocial able. Earlier this year I became aware that I was being targeted on our local community social media page by the same classmate. Initially I ignored it, eventually I let admin know of it and recently the Girl's father decided to have an indirect ''go'' too, her mother didn't participate although their relationship has always been rocky with Dad being the softie. We don't have any contact with these people these days apart from occasionally passing on the road, although lent them several household items when they first moved into our district and were struggling (items not returned and they claim they no longer have them). Here is my confusion.... firstly I am still shocked that I didn't notice or know my daughter was having issues at school and that it took several months and the invite to the end of year dinner before we found out. Secondly although to date I have ignored the taunts on social media and will continue to do so, I wonder where and when this will stop. The girl involved seems to have a steady relationship (he participates in ''liking'' what she says or does) yet I have only briefly meet the young man once standing in the same food queue as I. None of it is big enough to involve the police. I could block both of them on my social media account, but then that leave me open to still be targeted but without my knowledge. Which is the better evil, to know or not to know? I would like to put these feelings aside, but struggling to understand the whys, what have we done scenario. Its pointless going to talk to them as another local family had been through similar with this daughter texting theirs to go and kill herself (school principal talked them out of speaking with the police) so that may indicate the calibre of the individuals concerned. This family are not from this area, but have moved here after living o/s and having their business interests collapse. Sounds confusing doesn't it! Its how I feel and I need to move on.... any suggestions?

Naicehamshop Thu 29-Dec-16 21:20:36

Block. Block and ignore in every way. They sound appalling.

MakeItRain Thu 29-Dec-16 21:30:14

The best thing to do, if possible, would be to come off the social media accounts.

Failing that, then I would completely and utterly ignore the comments. They're only doing it to provoke a reaction, like all bullies do. Not reacting is the best weapon against bullies.

Cricrichan Thu 29-Dec-16 22:24:10

Block and ignore. They'll get bored once they know they don't have an audience.

LesisMiserable Thu 29-Dec-16 23:21:53

Never an easier dilemma - block.

user1465876185 Mon 02-Jan-17 23:54:05

Thank you for your replies. I will sit it out for a few more days to see if the father has another shot, then block.

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