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I miss him

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Scaredgirl79 Tue 27-Dec-16 17:05:10

So me and my partner have been together for 14 years mostly good, the last 12 months not so good. Hes had a drink problem for a few years now but did rehab last year and is so much better than he was, the problem is i suffer with anxiety and have been so worried about him that ive suffocated him. Things came to a head in november, we were arguing all the time and he has moved back into his moms.

We have been seeing each other a couple of times a week and its been going ok but im scared. Im scared that hes not gonna come back, im scared that he doesnt want this anymore but doesnt know how to tell me.

Hes stayed with me for a few days over christmas but i dunno, i just feel like things are never gonna get better.

He says he loves me and wants to sort things out but i find it really hard to talk. There is so much i wanna say but i dont know how. I really dont wanna pressure him but cant deal with not knowing where i stand.

Hes gone back to his moms now and i miss him already

StealthPolarBear Tue 27-Dec-16 17:06:19

I'm sorry sad
Did you put a time limit on this trial?
How is he when he's with you? Loving or going through the motions?

Scaredgirl79 Tue 27-Dec-16 17:11:37

No we didnt put a time limit on the trial, i wish we had then i would have some sort of idea. When we are together he is loving (well as much as he has ever been). I really just wanna know how long before he comes back (or not) but am too scared to ask

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