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Dh has been useless over xmas!

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1mouse2 Mon 26-Dec-16 19:51:24

Normally not to bad but 90% has been left to me this year, he hasn't even phoned his dsis.
It's been one of those weeks, dd1s asthma got very bad(gp on Thurs, nebuliser and steroids then dh had to take her to ooh on xmas eve, I rang and organised even though I was working, I was seriously worried that she might need admitting vut they gave her antibiotics, more steroids and a nebuliser session). She now seems to be improving but is still on salbutamol every four to six hours(during the night as well) all of which I'm supervising. I have done all of the food preparation a part from the starter which he did and all of the clearing up. My dsis phoned yesterday and I had to tell her to ring ooh immediately due to some symptoms she spoke to me about(I am a hcp), she was sent to a+e and admitted, there was a risk that she might needed an operation but it seems to have settled.

Inspite of everything I reminded to ring his dsis but he hasn't, I feel that I should ring and apologise but she's his sister and I've got enough on my plate with looking after dd1, doing all the food, clearing up and worrying about my sister.

Vapours Mon 26-Dec-16 20:25:10

God, what a Christmas! Can't offer any useful advice, only sympathywineflowers Hope DD and DSis get well soon. DH needs swift kick up the butt, relatively speaking.

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