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is there a differnece between, "Say nothing" and "stay out of it"

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lolaflores Mon 26-Dec-16 12:34:29

Old friend has gone to police reporting historic sexual abuse regarding an old family friend.
Family are going to extraodinary lengths to undermine her. Usual chant of liar, mad person, alchoholic, so on etc.
Turns out family more or less knew but want nothing done or said about it all. Making quite light of the whole matter.
My instinct is to support my friend, help her with practical info about the police and support as well as just listening but we have been in contact almost under the radar due to the "say nothing" don;t get invovled thing.

I just thought that there really is no difference betweent he two statements. In a discussion with my mum she seemed to think there was but i dont think there is,

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