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Has anyone's DP family said something inappropriate

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Princesspinkgirl Sun 25-Dec-16 20:28:23

Just that really today it happened to me during a meal i don't want to say what it was but it really was out of order lots of drinking was going on so I do keep telling myself it was probably a slip of the tounge

QueenMortificado Sun 25-Dec-16 20:30:37

Like rude? Yes. All the time. It's very funny.

Or do you mean having a go at you?

TheRadiantAerynSun Sun 25-Dec-16 20:34:53

Well, DS was showing my BIL his new kindle fire and BIL starts making jokes and teasing him about having a Asian porn and tinder on there.

DS is 7. I was not amused hmm

iklboodolphRedNoseReindeer Sun 25-Dec-16 20:36:54

FIL's wife when we got married. I was 35.

'You'd better hurry up having kids. Or are you barren?'

tissuesosoft Sun 25-Dec-16 20:39:17

Last year one of DP's family did to me (as in nasty comment)- one of the final straws that led the camels to go no contact with the 'Dark Side' as we affectionately call them. This year- no problems, very relaxing and fun day!

LaContessaDiPlump Sun 25-Dec-16 20:40:40

MIL made a cheerful comment about how 'the main part is done anyway' when the turkey came out to rest, although I (vegan) was still running around her kitchen like a blue-arsed fly sorting out everything else (no exaggeration - she spent her time today drinking and fussily wiping dishes). I was unimpressed and said so!! I usually wouldn't but we're here for Christmas and she'd bought absolutely no food for me at all despite saying she would and was happy to angry

What inappropriate things were said to you op?

InfoFreako Mon 26-Dec-16 01:46:50

Depends what was said / who from / context / how 'sensitive' the recipient is / etc etc etc.

One size doesn't fit all. Some folk take offence at anything. Others have thicker skin.

Depends who said it. Some hunky 30yr gym guy could 'get away' with saying more than a crusty 60yr old - we all know that.


pregnantat50 Mon 26-Dec-16 01:56:18

well not really said anything inappropriate or offensive intentionally but...

someone thought it would be a good idea to play 'cards against humanity' with grandma!!

Luckily she took it well and laughed along but I felt a little anxious and cringy when I realised what was written on the cards

YouHadMeAtCake Mon 26-Dec-16 02:12:32

My MIL is constantly rude. To most people. When she's rude to me, I call her out on it.

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