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Ho, ho, ho.. Merry Christmas family tales to share!

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Greenandmighty Sat 24-Dec-16 10:29:00

Staying with in laws over Christmas. Last night, mother in law launched into a chronological history of all her medical that was nice! Dh and I were cornered with no means of escape....Took a sideways look at DH's face which was a picture of frozen boredom! Hee hee. Feel free to add your own "amusing" anecdotes about strange things relatives feel the need to share over the festive season. Wishing all Mumsnetters a very happy Christmas. Xx

Cherrysoup Sat 24-Dec-16 10:50:46

I had this for many years, but it was about what my mum did/said/believed/thought 50 years ago in massive detail and supported by lots of drink. Drove me nuts, I no longer go to hers at Christmas as there's just a five hour monologue from the Cherrysoup 'd'm every single evening, with no-one else allowed to speak.

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