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Post partum haemorrhage

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Jodie2ndtimemummy Wed 21-Dec-16 23:18:50

So hubby and I spoke about this briefly but I still feel slightly traumatised. I lost 2.5 litres with my first so there was a plan in place for this baby. I had an induced labour again and it progressed quickly. I had an injection of some drug to help my uterus contract as soon as babies head appeared to prevent bleeding but this didn't work and I lost 4.7 litres of blood this time, I was rushed into theatre,legs thrown into stirrups then eventually knocked out with general anaesthetic. I awoke in recovery catheterised, a pipe and box full of blood and on several drips. I refused a transfusion mainly I think because I was not in the right frame of mind and I wanted to get home quicker. I spent two nights in high dependency then two on a ward before I discharged myself after rubbish treatment from the doctors with my iron levels pretty much on the floor. I still feel slightly traumatised by my experience and have nobody really to talk to. I also possibly want another baby but hubby isn't keen, doesn't want to go through that again lol. But where do I get advice from regarding if I do have another what is my likelihood of bleeding like that again or if it's even safe

Cricrichan Wed 21-Dec-16 23:22:23

Speak to professionals.

I haemorrhaged with my first because of where my placenta was but was fine with my other three.

Jellykat Wed 21-Dec-16 23:44:18

I totally agree with Cricrichan, i too haemorrhaged with DS1 but was fine with DS2. Talk to and question someone in the know.

RoseOfSharyn Wed 21-Dec-16 23:44:40

I think you may have posted this on the wrong board and will happily report it for you if you would like it moving to the post natal board, but I didn't want to read and run.

I have had a similar experience to you (DS 1 haemorrhage and retained placenta, DTs 2x retained placenta and 2x haemorrhage) and have been told if I have another baby it is highly likely the same will happen, however it is highlighted in all my medical notes that I'm high risk for haemorrhaging and they are to be ready with blood just in case.

My exDH said he'd never have another child due to the risk. My new DP is more confident with modern medicine and thankfully is happy to have a child in future.

LittleBoat Wed 21-Dec-16 23:53:34

I haemorrhaged due to placental abruption and also refused a transfusion as I thought it would delay discharge.
It wasn't till my next pregnancy that I realised I needed to go through what had happened the first time. I spoke to a brilliant midwife who got hold of my notes and rang me to talk my through them and answer any questions I had. She advised against me looking through them myself (v traumatic birth) but offered a referral for post traumatic birth counselling/debriefing. I didn't have that, but I did meet with the consultant early on to discuss birth options etc.

Jodie2ndtimemummy Thu 22-Dec-16 00:01:40

Thanks I'm pretty sure me and hubby are in the same boat being scared he's not a man of emotions or words. I have always wanted 3 children and I don't feel my baby days are over yet

DeepAndCrispAndEvenTheWind Thu 22-Dec-16 00:03:12

PPH for my first but not my second.

Did you ever go through it with your midwife afterwards? Your GP should be able to signpost advice.

Jodie2ndtimemummy Thu 22-Dec-16 00:04:19

I would love to see my notes, I am from a medical background ish. I am a woman of facts and I think seeing my notes might help, to see things logically rather from my heightened hormonal way!!

MrsPatrickDempsey Thu 22-Dec-16 17:25:48

PPHs happen usually for one of four reasons: tone (uterus failing to contract and control blood loss from placental site) tissue (retained products in the uterus stopping the uterus contracting - see above) trauma (tear to genital tract - may be cervical) or thrombin (a clotting problem with your blood. Speaking to someone would be good to see if any of the above can be identified which may make planning for another delivery easier.

MatildaTheCat Thu 22-Dec-16 17:43:07

Former midwife here.

I don't think you mention how long it is since your second birth. It sounds very traumatic for you. If it's a matter of weeks call the hospital and ask for a post natal appointment with the consultant to discuss management of any further pregnancies going forward. They can also discuss and debrief you on the last birth.

Maternity units offer a specialist midwife service whereby you can request a debrief and usually there is no time limit on this. This can be extremely helpful and is usually less hurried than a clinic appointment. They can help you make sense of what happened. They cannot, however make definite plans for another birth as that has to be a medical decision.

If you are months post natal, ask your GP to refer you to the obstetrician in the gynae clinic ( preferably the same person you were under before unless you want a change) to discuss future management. Unfortunately some women are prone to pph. Even with all the best planning it can happen. However,the way in which it is managed and planned for is crucial and it's essential this happens.

If you still feel traumatised after this ask for counselling by a specialist, again, most maternity units can provide this. Email the Head of Midwifery to ask about debriefing and counselling. They can signpost you.

Only you and dh can decide if it's right for you to have more DC but getting the right and best advice will help. If you weren't satisfied with your care maybe consider going elsewhere.

QueSera Sat 24-Dec-16 01:39:44

Jodie request your medical notes!!! The hospital will have a simple form to fill out for this. There is usually a charge for this. I had PHH and secondary PPH (and third etc) over the course of two weeks. Due to trauma (sliced artery in vaginal wall). But it took two weeks and a lot of blood-loss and a few near-death experiences for the cause to be properly diagnosed.

Suffice to say that i was so keen to have at least two children that when i was pregnant i only considered buggies that could be converted to double buggy - but after the PPH my DH said no way, never again, and he would never change sad(( so DD will be an only child sad((

Softkitty2 Sat 24-Dec-16 11:02:20

You need to be under a consultant for your next baby if you decide to have another one and strongly push for your history to be looked at and a plan put in place for delivery of how to minimise the bleeding and if it bleeding does a occur a plan should be in place on what to do.

Or is elective cs an option for you? There will still be bleeding but hopefully more controlled.

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