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How to make friends online/locally?

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PaperStars Tue 20-Dec-16 20:42:45


I've never been that good at making friends tbh I don't know why but they just don't seem to naturally develop from work/kids groups etc. People are nice and talk to me but it never goes further than this. I was wondering if there's sites where you can meet friends locally to you, maybe just to talk online to begin with. I just wish I had a friend I could have a good chat with or go for coffee sometimes.

This sounds really pathetic writing it down but I've just never been able to develop relationships further.

Soyouare2faced Tue 20-Dec-16 20:43:57

I'm the same! Would love to hear suggestions

Msqueen33 Tue 20-Dec-16 20:52:11

Meetup is meant to be quite good. I'm feeling the same in that I'm quite lonely. Not weird or strange (well I don't think so) but just never develop deeper connections with people.

2boysnamedR Tue 20-Dec-16 20:56:40

I met a lovely friend via NetHuns. Shock horror. I love her. ( can we even say Netmums on here?)

PutneyPandora Tue 20-Dec-16 23:32:20

Hi Paperstars, it's not pathetic at all. Existing friendships sometimes run there course and then you're in a situation where you just need to meet more people and increase your social circle plus it seems to get harder as you get older.
I would suggest finding a new hobby/sport or skill you have always wanted to try out or learn. I think meetup is a great start. Is there a musical instrument you have always wanted to learn? Maybe there is a beginners class in learning a foreign language. Or have you always wanted to learn amateur dramatics? How about a local choir....there is a host of different choirs out there catering for all types of music. Find something you genuinely have an interest in (that will keep you attending). What about joining a local book club (if you like reading?) You need to do something regular so that friendships develop over time rather than just randomly and you get to build familiarity.
I hope those suggestions help. I wish you all the luck. Everyone deserves a good group of friends.

Squashberry Tue 20-Dec-16 23:36:11

I dont have any ideas but would like to see what suggestions people come up with. We've just moved and I feel quiet lonely, but really have no idea how to meet people and develop proper friendships blush

Squashberry Tue 20-Dec-16 23:36:36


Bob19702 Tue 20-Dec-16 23:43:09

When I got divorced 4 years ago i had lots of 'joint' friends but wanted to meet new people so I joined a meet up walking group. It was the best thing I did loads of new friends with similar interests.

Pearl372 Wed 21-Dec-16 09:32:14

Definitely try "MEETUP" I've joined several groups.
Lots of people in the same boat as yourself.
It's given many of them a new lease of life.

Jessesbitch Wed 21-Dec-16 10:06:30

Join a hobby club/choir etc

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